Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Making the List!

I never thought the day would come. For four months we worked on our profile, went to training classes, doctors appointments and everything else in between. I never thought that just getting on the list would be such a long process. Of course I was gung-ho on getting it done and our case worker said that we were pretty quick. On March 15th 2011 we were posted on the LDS Family Services Adoption website. Just 4 days shy of the four month mark. I remember being so stressed most of the time (poor Jared). I wanted to be on that list as quick as possible and did everything I could to make it happen. I poured out my heart and soul onto this profile page all the while thinking...Is this good enough? Maybe we should say this, or do this. Oh man! I was second guessing everything. (If you read my previous post, this post may give a hint to what I was feeling at the time).
Our Home Study was the scariest part. They walked through our home and made sure we had a plan in place. I was so nervous. We went over our profile as well and they suggested we update a few things. As they were leaving our case worker said that it would be about 4 to 6 weeks before the paperwork would be completed and then at that time she will present us to the board who will approve or deny our request to be on the list. And when they left I had this awful feeling that it didn't go well.
To my surprise, our case worker emailed exactly a week later saying that she was done with the paperwork and once she hears back from us with the 'Okay' she will present us to the board that following Monday. I was so excited! Jared and I made a few updates to our profile and gave her the Go Ahead.
Monday we were approved and posted on the website the following day. When I got the email that we were on the website, you'll laugh but I had a little "freak out" moment. It was actually real. We are finally on the list! And I was worried! Oh My Gosh! Someone could actually call us at any time. This is just crazy! I checked our profile daily, sometimes more, to see how many views to our pages we were getting. I checked our adoption email constantly. I'm happy to say that I've relaxed a bit. I haven't check our profile or our email in a few days, though I have it set up to notify me if we do. I guess this is the calm before the storm. Come on storm! We're waiting for you.

If you know someone who is considering adoption as an option. Send them to an LDS Family Services location. The case workers are not there to pressure adoption. They are there to give all the options and support the mother in her decision whatever it may be.
If you want to look at our profile you can click here. No using this information against us :) Heather and Joey already invited us over for games. Sheesh!


Tiffany Williams said...

Your profile looks awesome! Can I come live with you guys? Candace would take way better care of me than Colby...
Congrats guys! We're always thinking of you!

Bruce and Jeri said...

I loved your profile and you will be great parents! Jeri

Kaylee said...

That is so exciting to be finally approved. I remember our first time going through the process seemed like it was never ending. We have just started working on getting approved again and I forgot how much info they need to know about you. I especially don't enjoy answering all of the short essay questions.
Have you visited therhouse blog. If not check it out and leave a comment asking if Lindsey will add you to her hoping to adopt section. That was a good way to have some networking to promote yourself.
Good Luck with everything and I hope the wait goes by fast!!!

Jim_Hanchett said...
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Jen said...

I love your letter- very sweet and very sincere. Good luck!!!

Shila said...

Wow Yay! Thinking about you guys at this time!

Heather said...

Hey, it's nothing personal! You know we love you guys and it gave me an excuse invite you over. Next time it's pool! I think I found a place with no booze! Seriously, I loved your profile and I hope I have to bring you home from St. George tomorrow!

The Love Doctor said...
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Somphong & Sothea said...

Candace. Thank you for sharing your story and journey. It's a real inspiration! I hope that everything is going well with the little one and can't wait to read more about her.


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