Saturday, June 18, 2011

If you haven't heard...

Its amazing to think how quickly our lives can change and lead us where we never imagined. I feel that this has always been how my life has played out. Proof, the last two weeks for Jared and I have been hectic to say the least. But we are so grateful for this opportunity to adopt a beautiful baby girl. Most of the time I have felt like I'm just passing through this experience and I haven't had much time to think. I've wrapped myself up in the preparations and not left much time to think. I believe its better that way for me. If I just do and not think then maybe I'll be able to handle the situation that is before me. My emotions have been raw and uncontrollable (I am usually really good at controlling them). I didn't think I had any tears left in me. I've cried over so many things the last two weeks. Excitement, worry, exhaustion, stress, anxiety, COMMERCIALS! Seriously?!
I am here to give an update.
Mother's Day 2011 was the worst day of my life. Mother's Day for the past 5 years have always been difficult but this year seemed to be the worst. Without realizing it, I believe I was close to my breaking point. Just waiting for that last straw to fall. When my baby sister announced she was having grandchild #7 I had a rush of emotions. I was devastated. Isn't it the natural order of things to have kids before your younger siblings do? Well, not in my case. And I'm sure that's not the case in many situations but that's part of what I was going through. I thought I'd prepared myself for when the moment came. I knew that it would happen eventually. I guess I was wrong. Needless to say I was a mess for a few weeks. Literally depressed. And I do not use that word lightly. It bothers me when people do. I can't express how thankful I am to have Jared. He is always there to make me laugh and pull me out of my rut.
The day after Mother's Day Jared called The Adoption Center of Choice (ACC) to see about signing up with them. We were currently already signed up with LDS Family Services but no bites yet. Our case worker emailed us some information to fill out and within 3 weeks he called and asked if he could show us to a birth mother. This was the Thursday before Memorial weekend. Of course we said yes and he emailed her our profile (along with a few others) the next day. We went camping that weekend and I tried to keep myself distracted on other things but this mother-to-be was always in the back of my mind. Tuesday came and went with no news. Wednesday came and I got the best news of my life. Our case worker called me at 10:20 am to tell me that the birth mother had picked us and that she felt like she was going into labor (false alarm). He talked about a few other things but I don't remember at all. My mind was stuck on "She selected you and Jared!"
So the last two weeks have pretty much all mushed together and became all one big long day. I've been busy cleaning out my office for the baby room. Washing/drying, folding and organizing baby clothes. (Thanks Heather for helping me).
Her due date came and went and still no baby. She was scheduled to be induced on Wednesday the 15th but at her checkup the doctor did not feel comfortable with starting her. We found this out on our drive. We were half way between Denver and Colorado Springs. There was no way we were going to turn around and go home.
The current plan is to scrape her membranes (separate the sac from the uterine wall) on Sunday and if that does not trigger the labor then he will induce her on Monday. So that's where we are at. Hanging out in our hotel in Colorado Springs waiting for this unborn child (who has no name yet). We've been able to see a few new places. Colorado Springs is really a beautiful place.

I'll update with more info when I get it...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Making the List!

I never thought the day would come. For four months we worked on our profile, went to training classes, doctors appointments and everything else in between. I never thought that just getting on the list would be such a long process. Of course I was gung-ho on getting it done and our case worker said that we were pretty quick. On March 15th 2011 we were posted on the LDS Family Services Adoption website. Just 4 days shy of the four month mark. I remember being so stressed most of the time (poor Jared). I wanted to be on that list as quick as possible and did everything I could to make it happen. I poured out my heart and soul onto this profile page all the while thinking...Is this good enough? Maybe we should say this, or do this. Oh man! I was second guessing everything. (If you read my previous post, this post may give a hint to what I was feeling at the time).
Our Home Study was the scariest part. They walked through our home and made sure we had a plan in place. I was so nervous. We went over our profile as well and they suggested we update a few things. As they were leaving our case worker said that it would be about 4 to 6 weeks before the paperwork would be completed and then at that time she will present us to the board who will approve or deny our request to be on the list. And when they left I had this awful feeling that it didn't go well.
To my surprise, our case worker emailed exactly a week later saying that she was done with the paperwork and once she hears back from us with the 'Okay' she will present us to the board that following Monday. I was so excited! Jared and I made a few updates to our profile and gave her the Go Ahead.
Monday we were approved and posted on the website the following day. When I got the email that we were on the website, you'll laugh but I had a little "freak out" moment. It was actually real. We are finally on the list! And I was worried! Oh My Gosh! Someone could actually call us at any time. This is just crazy! I checked our profile daily, sometimes more, to see how many views to our pages we were getting. I checked our adoption email constantly. I'm happy to say that I've relaxed a bit. I haven't check our profile or our email in a few days, though I have it set up to notify me if we do. I guess this is the calm before the storm. Come on storm! We're waiting for you.

If you know someone who is considering adoption as an option. Send them to an LDS Family Services location. The case workers are not there to pressure adoption. They are there to give all the options and support the mother in her decision whatever it may be.
If you want to look at our profile you can click here. No using this information against us :) Heather and Joey already invited us over for games. Sheesh!

Monday, March 7, 2011

how will you be judged?

We go through life constantly judging and being judged. I sit at my computer eating cookies and considering that maybe popcorn would have been a better choice. I'm judging myself for eating the cookies and having the gall to consider popcorn as a later treat.
Why do we judge? Why do we have to be judged? Why can't we be accepted for who we are? Fat, skinny, tall or short? Who cares? ...Me. I care. I care what people say and think about me. I've experienced extreme judgment and felt proud and accomplished and how I presented myself but at the same time nit picked for not having those same qualities as those who were deemed "better". I'm judged and I judge.
I hate that not good enough feeling. It doesn't matter how hard I try but some days I just can't shake the feeling. Asking myself what can I do to make things better. I do everything I believe to be true but still its there. I smile, laugh, but not like I used to. I want to old me back. Carefree, funny, optimistic.
Everyday we share our lives out in the world. Post whatever we are thinking or feeling or questioning at the time. I do it. But until it means something, I mean really means something, thats when you have the sick feeling that you're just not good enough. No matter what you do. No matter what you say. You will never live up.
So please, someone, accept me for who I am. Don't feel sorry for me because I'm not like you. Don't remind me everyday of my inadequacies (whether you mean to or not). I know them already. Take those things you have and celebrate. Why waste time complaining? Please! For my sake! Just celebrate so I can take my own advice. So I can move on and celebrate the things I do have in my life. We all have those things that others don't so we better not take them for granted. Celebrate them!

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