Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cut Down

Bar-height dining sets are quite popular right now. Six years ago when we shopped for a dining set, we thought that we'd really like one too. However, after the magic wore off and reality set in, we found out that we really don't like it. It's really impractical. Try scooting your chair in and out; can't. Have a small child sit in it; kind of dangerous. The design of the table we bought has seating for eight, but it's really impossible to do so. Fitting two chairs on one side leaves no room in between the table legs and chairs, and thus you're stuck sitting there.

So we've disliked the table for a few years now. Instead of buying another one, I told Candace that I'm just going to cut down the legs. And so I did.

(Looks like we need to do some dusting now. Usually the extra chairs are put downstairs and out of the way when they're not used.)

So initially and even still now, we are in shock. We think it looks like a table for kids, but before cutting it we went to RC Willey and measured tables and chairs, and our end result is even 1/2 inch taller. I think we are just not used to it now. So when the dust clears, I think we'll like the table again.


Jen said...

Good for you guys! We have a tall table and we feel like midgets stuck in giant land. Our legs dangle and our kids do fall off occasionally. And try passing something to the other side. Not going to happen with out your go-go-gadget arms. Definitely a product built for style and not practicality.

McCall said...

Nice handyman skills, Jared! Our table is normal height but since we are so short maybe you could cut our table down to real midget-size :)

Diana and Fam said...

I always thought they were way cool too. But I can totally see your point. Way to go for being Mr Fix it! It looks good!

Anonymous said...

I think it looks great!! You'll get used to it :)

Susan Earl said...

You're so talented Jared!

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