Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cut Down

Bar-height dining sets are quite popular right now. Six years ago when we shopped for a dining set, we thought that we'd really like one too. However, after the magic wore off and reality set in, we found out that we really don't like it. It's really impractical. Try scooting your chair in and out; can't. Have a small child sit in it; kind of dangerous. The design of the table we bought has seating for eight, but it's really impossible to do so. Fitting two chairs on one side leaves no room in between the table legs and chairs, and thus you're stuck sitting there.

So we've disliked the table for a few years now. Instead of buying another one, I told Candace that I'm just going to cut down the legs. And so I did.

(Looks like we need to do some dusting now. Usually the extra chairs are put downstairs and out of the way when they're not used.)

So initially and even still now, we are in shock. We think it looks like a table for kids, but before cutting it we went to RC Willey and measured tables and chairs, and our end result is even 1/2 inch taller. I think we are just not used to it now. So when the dust clears, I think we'll like the table again.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The last few weeks have been a wild ride...

I'm sure Jared feels the same way as I do. I've been posting a few comments on Facebook about our In Vitro journey so far but thought it would be best to save the details for my blog.

My OB, who worked for 3 1/2 years to try and get us pregnant, referred Jared and I to Dr. Hatasaka at the Reproductive Care Center (RCC) here in Salt Lake City for our In Vitro options. I guess technically they are located in Sandy but whose checking. We met with Dr. Hatasaka in March 2010 and spoke for over an hour about our situation and options etc. We felt pretty good about trying In Vitro and decided to start saving our $$$ for the procedure. One unique feature about RCC is they have a 100% Money Back Guarantee plan. Really? A What? Yup! Its true. A Guarantee! That's music to my ears. You pay a base price of about $22,000 and get up to 4 In Vitro cycles within 2 years. This does not include the medication though. Now with every contract there will be qualifications so there are a series of tests that must be done and if the results are ideal then you can qualify and sign the contract. There is also no payment option for this plan other than once the contact is signed the money is due in full. I REALLY wanted to have that guarantee so we decided to wait. RCC wanted to see where I was at with some blood tests. Results: Sorta bad eggs but still workable for In Vitro. Awesome!

Waiting. That ranks in the top 10 of my "Hard Things To Do" list. I hear all the time "Just don't think about it". I know all those who I have heard this from only mean well and have nothing but good intensions but unless you have gone through this experience you really have no idea how hard it is to forget. To forget a dream to have a child. To forget a goal to raise good children. To forget mother natures natural instinct. Its not easy. I have a lot of love to give and I'm sure Jared is tired of being smothered.
Jared has more patients than anyone I've ever met. He is my strength and the only reason I've survived this long.
So four months later I decided we needed to take the tests to see if we would even qualify for the Money Back plan. After a baseline ultrasound, clomid challenge test and 2 blood tests we found out that I have another cyst growing on my right ovary, my estrogen level is really high and my eggs are getting worse. How is this possible you ask? Well heck if I know. But with all that, my doctor signed the ok for us to move forward with the Money Back plan. I was excited!

We were planning on waiting to sign the contact in January but with my eggs gradually getting worse and me feeling like time was running out I wanted to get it signed and get moving on the procedure. I think its a reasonable thought, don't you?

Well, finally day 1 of my cycle came around and I called the office to get things moving. I thought "FINALLY! Its actually going to happen." I started to get a little excited which I normally hold in reserve just in case something falls through. The nurse called me back and explained that there has been a miscommunication and that I did NOT qualify for the Money Back plan because of the cyst on my ovary AND my high estrogen levels. Dang that stupid cyst that caused my estrogen to rise!!!!! I'm starting to really feel the STRESS!! She asked if we would come in the office to discuss some options with the doctor who wrote the contract.
So we did...
I felt a thousand times better after talking to him! He answered our questions and laid out our options to us. Which included that pesky word. WAIT. He examined my ovaries and measured the cyst. It measured half the size from the previous month. Which means its going away on its own and quickly. What a relief. He said it should be gone in a month or two. Then we would test again. If the cyst is gone then we can sign the contract and move forward! MOVE FORWARD! Its about stinkin' time. I guess we'll see how the tests go next month! I won't be holding my breath.

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