Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kurt's Quilt

I think my sister Diane said it best when, after hearing that I was making a quilt, said "How domestic of you." I'm certainly not a quilt maker but just like to be creative sometimes. This is actually my third quilt. My first and second quilts come from the same pieced quilt top. I ran out of time finishing the seconds so it's only partially finished.

My brother-in-law Kurt was returning home Iraq. I thought that it would be a nice gesture and a small token of my appreciation to him and all the other men and women who serve us and our country by giving him a quilt. Hope he likes it and reminds him of our thanks.


Bruce and Jeri said...

Looks very nice. There are probably a lot of men who like making quilts like you, so keep on doing what you like.

Shila said...

Love it! What a great idea! I am sure it will be appreciated!

Susan Earl said...

Good work Jared! A handmade gift is from the heart and so much better because you put your time into it.

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