Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thank you!

Jared and I would like to say Thank You! to all those who fasted and prayed for us or those who still plan on fasting for us. I know the request was very last minute. The procedure, IUI (Artificial Insemination), will hopefully help us to conceive. We were able to go in yesterday and everything went smoother then normal. I wont find out for a few weeks if it actually worked but my spirits are high and I have a lot of faith. I added a link below for those who are interested in reading more about Artificial Insemination.


Thanks again for all the prayers and support!


Susan Earl said...

I didn't know about a fast, but I've been praying for you all along. I will keep my fingers crossed for you too. Lots of Love

Shila said...

Wow this is major. I can't wait to hear how things come out! I am biting my fingernails now! Good luck baby making!

Bruce and Jeri said...

Thanks for everyones prayers. I know there's got to be a grandbaby from these two someday. Don't lose the faith, Jared and Candace. Love you!

Shila said...

So how are things? I am dying to hear.

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