Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bye Bye Trees

We've always wanted to change up the yard, but decided to concentrate mostly on the inside of the house first. Well, then we got dogs.. two big ones. With fall, winter and spring to destroy as much as they could, there wasn't much left of the backyard when the ground finally dried up. We had to do something better for the dogs, us, the yard and the house. We decided to start new with everything that was in the backyard. The huge pine trees were the biggest pain. The peach tree was completely in two of the neighbors yards and potentially could harm the brick wall and green power box. The other trees were (kind of) alright but just not really what we wanted. So we got rid of all of them.

We are floored at how much bigger our backyard is. That will, of course, change when we start re-planting and add in a dog run. It is very bare now, kind of weird.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you really did it!

Diana and Fam said...

It is always easier to start from scratch. Can't wait to see what you end up doing! Now for the hard part....deciding what to do!

Bruce and Jeri said...

Bye, bye trees is right! Looks bare, but it's exciting to get a new yard. Mom

Susan Earl said...

Good luck with the plans for the new yard!

Crystal Hot Springs said...

Oh my gosh! I just saw these pics. You guys weren't kidding. That looks bare and how exciting to start the yard over that you are able to take care of. Remember to bring up those landscape plans. I want to see.

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