Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bon Voyage

This is day 2! Brandy and Jeremy didn't want to get out of bed. Rumor has it, Jeremy and Randall stayed up until 2 am watching the Jazz game. I guess it was worth it because they won!

Boarding the ship went quick and was pretty easy. We were there a few hours early to try and miss the rush. I had no idea what I was doing so I just followed everyone else.

I find it funny that the first place we went to check out was the buffet area. Brandy needed to know where the ice cream machine was. They had some pretty awesome food sculptures to welcome us aboard. I took a few pictures of my favorites.
We went to check out our rooms next. It was bigger then I thought and the bed was pretty comfortable. Although, I think that was the smallest shower ever invented. No matter. It was sufficient. Here's Jared checking out the couch.

Lunch Time!!!

We wanted to check out the whole ship to see all it had to offer and we ran into a mini golf course. I can't remember who won but Jared got a hole-in-one. Congratulations Stinky!

We eventually made it up to the 12th floor and found what Jared and I call the "View Point". Only because we don't know the real name or if there even was one. You could see all the way down to the 4th floor and it was freaky. Melissa is the most brave out of all of us and was the first to climb on. Brandy held her leg just in case it wasn't safe. Eventually we all climbed on and tried not to freak ourselves out.

The Dining room was next on our list. We dined at the Reflections Dining Room every night and it was delicious. This was our first experience. Remember: Don't eat the flowers!

Brandy was a little worried (for no reason) about all the food she was going to be eating on the trip so we had to check out the weight room next. The boys started showing off their muscles with the 1 pound pink weights. Nice! Caution: Slightly inappropriate picture below.

I know, I know...Almost done!
Basketball was our next stop. The boys were able to shoot a few hoops before we left San Juan.

"ALL ABOARD!" It is time to go. We ran to the back of the ship to say Bon Voyage to beautiful San Juan. I'm not really sure what I am saying in the video. I am such a dork sometimes but I think Brandy takes the cake on dorkness in the picture below.

Jared likes to take random pictures of my face. I am not sure why but I let him do it anyway.

So, if you have ever been on a cruise before you know there there are lots of fun activities that go late into the night. Unfortunately, I didn't put my motion sickness patch on early enough and not long after we took off I started feeling sick. I spent the rest of the first night in our room asking Jared if he would make the boat stop. I learned my lesson and doubled up on the patch and dramamine pills the rest of the trip.

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YES! I think you guys have the best pictures out of all of us!! So awesome!

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