Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Where did February Go?

I can't believe that February is almost over. Only 1 day left and I haven't posted one time. It has been an extremely busy month. With Kenpo (see my blog list), Krystal's wedding, bachelorette parties, bridal showers, baking and frosting cupcakes and work, I don't know about anyone else but I am exhausted! At the beginning of February, Jared and I were able to go to a Kenpo seminar with Paul Mills. He is the creator of the AKKI Kenpo that Jared and I are involved in. What a great experience it was and we learned a lot.
The night before the seminar was Krystal's bridal shower. I wont go into to much detail (she will kill me) but I am pretty confident in saying that she was well prepared by her loving friends and family. She wont need to buy anything for a few months anyway. I dont think I am allowed to post any picture of said night. By the way, who threw that party anyway cause it was the best party EVER!!!!!
Somehow Jared and I were talked into going on a cruise with Brandy, Jeremy, Randal and Melissa. I dont know how that happened or what possesed Jared to say yes but we are going. I have been frantically trying to get prepared for this. I have no idea what to expect. Its a good thing I trust Brandy's judgement. So we leave in ... 6 days...YIKES! Its a good thing Brooke was willing to go shopping with me for a fancy dress.
Krystal and Kurt's wedding was amazing and beautiful. Jared and I almost missed the wedding. We were just piddling around the house and realized we should have left 20 minutes ago. We rushed through traffic and ran into the temple making it just before they closed the doors. Usually they wait until all the guests are seated before the Bride and Groom enter the room. Not this time. Jared and I were the last to enter. I was embarrassed but Krystal didnt seem to notice so that was a good thing. I wish I had more pictures. This was the only time I had my camera.


Anonymous said...

The cruise is going to be soooo fun!! I am ready!

Bruce and Jeri said...

Hope you had fun on your cruise. Bruce has been taking care of your mail and the house looks fine. Congrats to your sister, Crystal! Jeri/Mom H

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