Friday, January 23, 2009


Hello All!  I wanted to take a quick moment while I wait for my Girls Night Out ride that I got a promotion this week.  I am sooooooo excited.  My new position will be half the stress and a pay raise.  I dont think it can get any better then that.  I have moved from a Benefit Specialist to a Benefits Export Manager.  To most this title will mean nothing but it means a lot to me.  ADP is a great company to work for and I have enjoyed my 3 year so far.  Well my ride is here.  Love you all...Bye!


brookenamos said...

That is super! Congratulations!

Susan Earl said...

Good for you! You deserve all the best you honeys.

Anonymous said...

Rock on Connor. You know you're worth it!

Bruce and Jeri said...

We are happy for you!

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