Thursday, January 8, 2009

Our first gun

I won't go into explaining any reasons why we bought a gun, we just did. We bought it through Jonsie's Dad's friend. (Wasn't that on Spaceballs? Oh, probably should add cousin's former roommate.) In fact, I never even talked to the guy until the day we bought it. A few weeks before we bought/picked it up, I related to Jonsie who told this guy that we were interested in a few different handguns. He came back and said that he recommend for us to get the Springfield XD 9MM. I said okay and that was that. So I didn't really know what we were buying before. (I know that's probably not the best way to buy something.) We went to the gunshow in Odgen on Jan. 3, 2009 and got it. At first both of us were a little wishy-washy about the two tone color but now I really like that a lot. We also bought 1000 rounds of ammo. I shot off 100 rounds last night and everything worked great.


Anonymous said...

Ferris Bueller' Day Off is the movie. Love the gun. Hope to have one someday!!

Jared Howard said...

No, really, it's Spaceballs. Maybe Ferris Bueller's Day Off has something similar but I was going for the Spaceballs version.

Bruce and Jeri said...

OK...guns scare the begeebees out of be careful. Mom

Susan Earl said...

Your Uncle Doug will be so proud! He's a great believer in owning a gun for family protection and learning to use it safely. I'm just like your Mom. I think we're scared of guns because we weren't around them growing up and never learned to use a gun. Do they make purple guns?

Shila said...

I'm with your mom and I love that she is such a mom and has great mom sayings like that! Aunt Susan is hillarious in asking about purple guns too! He He : )

Doug said...

Some how I came across these postings about guns. I am sooo glad for holidays because it gives me a chance to get into a bunch of web stuff that I don't normally have time for. Anyway, I discovered this thread about guns. Yes your uncle Doug is a gun enthusiast (one upstairs, one down, one in the closest, carry permit . . you get the picture). Anywhy, Susan has always bugged me about having a gun. . . never wanted to talk about it, never wanted to see it and never never ever wanted to "touch" it. Anyway, about the time this thread came out (last January) she suddenly mellowed on the whole gun deal. Now I know why. You see Susan has these people who she trusts much more than me. Most all her brothers and most all her nephews. They are like prophets to her, their every word is like Manna. Anyway, thanks for helping me to show her that guns are not scarry and they are useful and important. I am still working on my 1000 rounds and a laser sight and a class 2 permit.

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