Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

It is Thanksgiving Day and we are hanging out with Jared's brothers and their families. They live in the middle of the forest in Shelton Washington and it is one of the most beautiful forest's I have ever seen. There are tree's, tree's and more tree's. There is a lake near by called Mason Lake which is also beautiful. I will try to take some pictures and post them later. If there was more sun here I would consider moving. ha ha!
Our trip has been so much fun thus far and I know there is more to come. It has been so nice to have a week off of work and not have to worry too much about it. The pictures below are of a waterfall in Oregon. Its called Multnomah Falls. I believe this very waterfall was in the Twilight movie (yeah!). It was cold, windy, and raining but the most beautiful waterfall I have ever seen. These are just a few. Jared is trying to put a panoramic picture together so we can hang it on our wall. I will post more of our trip when I get home. I am so thankful for everything I have been blessed with. I love my family so very much and I am glad that we were able to spend time with some of them this Thanksgiving Day! Eat lots and enjoy!!!


Bruce and Jeri said...

Yes, beautiful scenery in Washington and Oregon. Dad and I hiked to the top of that waterfall with Spencer and Jane earlier this year (or was it last year?). Have fun and be safe coming back to Utah. Jeri/Mom H.

Anonymous said...

It's only fitting that you visit a waterfall from the Twilight movie this Thanksgiving. What more could you be thankful for? Happy Thanksgiving, we missed you this year!

brookenamos said...

I know the truth. Yeah right you have family in Wahington and were really just trying to find the Cullens. is just a movie! Edward is not real, and even if he was he is in love with Bella.

Shila said...

I noticed that waterfall right away while I was watching the movie! I loved it so much that I looked it up and now I have to have it on my wall too! Along with the Snoqualmie falls where Shane and I went to on our first date. Aren't waterfalls so romantic?

Som and Sot said...

Beautiful waterfall!

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