Monday, November 3, 2008

Dogs vs. House - Dogs 1 : House 0

"Hmmm.. it may be a rainy day today, we should leave the dogs inside." (Blocked in the kitchen, of course.) It's a wonderful feeling coming home to a disaster zone. I don't think they could have done a better job with the limited ammo that they could find.

I've already removed their pillows from the floor. They somehow took the powdered milk off of the counter.

Yes and sorry for showing it, that is poo.

Apparently, the garbage, powdered milk and everything else in the kitchen wasn't good enough. They really wanted to teach us a lesson and put two holes in the drywall and chewed on the trim.


Diana and Fam said...

Your post is the very reason I will NEVER own a dog no matter how much anyone begs me. Luckily Scot agrees with me!

Anonymous said...

Duuuuddddddeeeee!!! Your dogs are very naughty! That is crazy. Who had to clean it up and WHAT did Jared say??

Bruce and Jeri said...

HOLY COW! You might have to figure something out to save your house. Mom

Naughty Delilah

Naughty Delilah
Making a mess

Naughty Dexter

Naughty Dexter
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